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    Anne Jirsch, internationally recognized psychic and best-selling author will be your guide into the supernatural realm to discover your soul’s true destiny.

    Future Life Pets app will take you into a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to glance across future lifetimes to see where and when your path may cross again with your pet.

    Centered upon the belief that we are all destined for reincarnation, Future Life Pets will help you attain insights into the survival of the human and pet soul after death and the connections we shall encounter in the future.

    Uncover fascinating insights into what and who you both will become and what future relationship you will have.

    Prepare yourself for the experience as the results are astonishing.

  • When I lost my gorgeous white Persian cat Milly I was devastated. She was my birthday gift when I was just eight years old and now an adult she was suddenly gone.

    Then Anne took me into my future lifetime, at first I saw myself as a tall woman with long hair with a younger sister, I suddenly realised my beloved Milly would be my future sister and so we would have a whole lifetime together.

    I stopped grieving at that very moment because I know we will be together again.

    Suzanna, Cornwall

  • The worse moment of my life was when I had my wonderful Great Dane put down. I walked home feeling totally lost and although I knew it would end his suffering, I felt awful.

    Then a friend told me about Future Life Pets. I didn't really expect to see anything but I immediately saw I was riding a tall majestic, black and white horse and you've guessed it, it was my dog and this time he was even bigger than ever.

    Mike, Kansas

  • I have two cats and they are getting pretty old. I dread the day they pass over. So seeing them both by my side in a future lifetime has given me so much joy.

    They are both cats again next time around only a lot bigger and sleeker. I clearly saw them both snuggled up by my feet just as they do right now.

    Felicity, Manchester

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